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               "Dissent is a high form of patriotism."


Olydnad is a 23 minutes dance show about war. Soldiers asked to do things for what? For who? Olydnad is asking people to have "the spirit of disobedience" to think twice before going to kill or die for some unclear reasons... Olydnad is also a piece talking about the battle field and the pain left home: wifes, moms and childrens waiting for their loves to come back...


This production combines modern and hip hop technics, power and emotion like MAM is use to do.




Written and directed by Romain Rios.

Choreographer: Romain Rios.

Assistant choreographer: Timothy Kakeeto.

Dancers: Maelle Dufour, Timothy Kakeeto, Romain Rios, Maja Blomstrand, Annette Losell, Matthias Ho and Yessica Andersson.

Photo by Maja Blomstrand.

Graphic design by Romain Rios.




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GALLERY (Photo credit: Juliana Ucar).