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"Intense, intriguing and riveting, MAM Dance Company's  Emperor's trailer

will rock your world!"


Dance International Magazine.



Progressing in a dark, cold and colapsed world, a young boy will face the fear and meet the untouchable, the one who decides tomorrow and spread devastating ideology. In a science fiction atmosphere, dance as a vector of messages, our main character will be introduced to the Emperors...


The Emperors is a contemporary hip hop dance show written and directed by Romain Rios. An amazing selection of dancers, and impressive light and sound design, made of strong dance technics and emotions, The Emperors entertains, delivers a message and takes your breath away. In November 2012 The Emperors had its premiere in Sweden, two fully booked shows wich took place in a 3000m2 warehouse, creating a unique atmosphere.


Dancers: Timothy Kakeeto - Maelle Dufour - Annette Losell - Romain Rios

Photo by Juliana Ucar.

Graphic design by Romain Rios.


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Emperors' extracts

Emperors' documentary

GALLERY (Photo credit: Juliana Ucar).