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French by birth, created by director Romain RiosMAM became a creative company always in movement. Citizen of the world, we create wherever we are, outdoor, indoor, on stage or on film. Rare and exclusive, our clients and partners mostly heard about us by word of mouth. 


Powered by nature, in between the real and the unreal, MAM is a visual and sound experience all around you, the intimate and paradoxical mix of raw style & poetry. Using movement as a path to people's heart, rather than dancers, we tend to call ourself movers. As part of the universe, MAM is aware of its fragile environment and loves to take its defense and celebrate its beauty. Driven by the core feeling that it is always time to positively impact the world, MAM believes in inspiring people, guiding them with adventurous stories, values, awareness and visuals that rock!


Private events, opening ceremonies, awards... If you are looking for a performance that will move your audience, you are at the right place! If our work inspires you, we strongly invite you to contact us. Who knows? Together, we might change the world! 

MAM created for

HBO - OCS - Grand Palais Paris - Festival Film Francophone Angoulême - Footjoy - Diesel - Canal+ series - TF1 - Séries Mania - Wavestone - Forum des Images - La Lune Rousse Paris - Danse Kapellet - Dresden Music Festival - Shine production - Grand Rex Paris - Monté Carlo TV - Skånes Dansteater...​

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