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 To join us next summer and experience an amazing week, select which DCW you want to join, fill out this document and press SEND. You will then get a confirmation for your application. Registration dead line: 2014, December 15th. When we have reach the right amount of students for your DCW, we will contact you for a final confirmation and payment (Swedish Bank). For quality reasons, the amount of places in each group is limited, so it's ''först till kvarn'' like they say in Sweden. As soon as you get a confirmation from us, the first payment will be what secures your place at DCW.

Choose your DCW:

    DCW#MARIJAZZ                                    DCW#A69                                          DCW#OPEN  

  Marijazz school only.                             A69 school only.                                Open to everyone.
(Age 12-16 continuing)                      (Age 12-16 continuing)                 (15-25 continuing + advanced)          
  02.07.15 to 09.07.15                         13.07.15 to 20.07.15                           23.07.13 to 30.07.13             
      *Price: 8900Kr                                   *Price: 8900Kr                                    *Price: 9300Kr                     



NOTE: Due to connection between planes and trains in France, departure and return dates are with

+ - 1 or 2 days flexibility, trip wont be shorter without letting you know and if it happens, an adjustment to the price will be done. Also, note that our choreographers can be changed between the weeks but they will always be from MAM and this will not affect the work.


*Price includes:  Plane (Cph - Paris, Paris - CPH) - Train in France (TGV) - Food (on site) - Transportation on site and Accomodation. You will live at the MAM Factory in Angouleme city. You will be dancing from morning until night, you will get up to more than 7 hours dancing/day and the last ''dancing'' day, you will perform your show on our stage at the Factory. We have a big garden where you can play and rest during the day, we also take you to visit the beautiful Angouleme city, and we give you time to do some shopping if you feel like it. The last day is free and we usually take everyone to the beach or the pool or to do jetski and donuts:


We keep you informed: As soon as the plane is booked you will get an email that will confirm the exact dates. Also, some days before the trip, you will get a PDF with all the information you need: time departures, tickets, contact in France, the meeting point and time to go to Cph airport, what to bring etc. You will travel with one or two members from MAM, they will be with you and guide you during the whole trip.

If you have any questions email us (in english) at: 

After December 15th, we'll get back to you with in 10 working days with confirmation and the payment notification. We need to reach a certain amount of students to valid the DCW. In case not enough people applies ( wich never happened in 6 years), we will cancel the DCW, that is why you do not pay straight away and wait for us to contact you back after the dea line. 


To make it easier for the payment, we ask you to pay in 3 times: December – March – June.

Note: When the payment has been done, no money will be returned in case of cancellation from your side.

ex: If  you have sent your first payment and want to cancel, you wont have to pay the two extra but you wont get back the one you already sent.


Dance Creation Week



REGISTRATION (Only valid for Sweden).